The word ‘sexy’ is definitely an understatement for the American singer Aubrey O’Day.

She is a bombshell who can make your heartbeat skip through her glimpse.

Aubrey O'Day Weight Loss

From her hot figure to her lovely blonde locks, Aubrey O’day can put you in trance with her magical looks in seconds.

Part of Dumblonde, the singer started to make more and headlines after her beautiful transformation came into picture.

Interestingly, the 33 years old is pretty much active on social media, especially on Instagram where she posts her body shots too frequently.

Her recent uploads increased the temperature to such an extent that we noticed a visible boost in her followings soon after.

So, what is her secret to such a breathtaking body?

Well, her secret lies in her continuous struggles to flow on a healthy track!

Age: 33 years.
Height: 1.63m (5.3”)
Current Weight: 64 kg.
Measurements: 38-26-39 inches.


Sometimes back, Aubrey was overweight.

Aubrey O'DayShe was ridiculed by the body-shamers and was often regarded as hefty. The singer was very much disturbed about her fat image and for being targeted by people all the time.

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However, Aubrey decided to bounce back on the negativity she was absorbing for long.

Being a star, she knew that she cannot avoid public or stay out of spotlight; hence, turning herself into what is ‘acceptable’ in the society was the only way out.

She started considering weight loss and with slow, but steady pace, made it to a body like this today!


Aubrey O’day weight loss methods are no rocket science.

She did what most of us do to slim up. That is, she made smart eating choices and trained her body for the changes she desired.

Here are the details about how Aubrey O’day lose weight and turn herself into an alluring goddess!

1. DIET:

Aubrey O’day diet was not always as healthy as it is today.

Despite being a vegan, the diva had a careless attitude towards her eating and would take whatever satisfies her cravings.

Having fast foods and soft drinks was a norm for her and she was very much fine with her then lifestyle.

For some people, prescription weight loss tablets may help.

However, as she planned to bring her weight down, the very first action she took was overcoming her self-destructive behavior.

Her diet involves the following foods:

Aubrey O'Day transformation

Breakfast Vegetable smoothie.
Lunch Sushi.
Snack Baked seaweed and walnuts.
Dinner Quiche.

The aforementioned pattern supplies her some 1600-1700 calories a day, which is best advised for the dieters.

Even since she has shifted to a structured plan, her fat percentage has dropped and she feels more charged up!

Protein is an essential content for all of us, regardless of our body needs. But as O’day is a vegan, she does not consume animal-derived proteins and compensates the need through soy protein, vegetables, rice, legumes and lentils.

On top of that, the singer also uses protein powder.

In order to create a perfect anabolic state, the woman combined her diet with the increased usage of water.

She would drink some 8-10 glasses of water a day.

As we know, water is not just essential for hydrating our body, but also holds a plethora of benefits.

Speeding metabolism, removing dirt and pollutants from our body, distributing nutrients and controlling our body temperature are some benefits we get through something as simple as water!


Aubrey O'Day workoutBarry’s Bootcamp has a major role in her transformation.

O’day joined Barry’s when she was left with zero expectations after her continuous struggles to lose by herself.

There are few steroids for weight loss like Anvarol pills and Clenbutrol pills that also burn fat and help getting lean body.

She needed assistance, professional assistance in fact.

So she joined the team for support, motivation and more importantly, to bound herself for regular workouts. 

At Barry’s, Aubrey O’day workout was a balanced combination of:

  1. Floor exercises.
  2. Cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Resistance exercises.
  4. Strength training exercises.

The singer managed to adjust well at Barry’s and did a great progress there.

Her three weekly sessions were based on 3 hours in total, with one targeting the abdomen and arms, other aiming the abdomen, back and torso, and the last encompassing around legs and hips.

The singing sensation would burn her calories through hiking on her off days at Barry’s.


Considering her uphill struggle and labor to shape up, we would say that she has a great determination power.

There are many simple but highly effective ways to cut lots of calories and lose weight.

Once known for her voluptuous body, Aubrey’s body is now too hot to handle.

Check out Aubrey O’day before and after photos with seat belts one!